Welcome to Puimoisson!

Here you will be able to book and manage your future stays in Puimoisson. Please find the guidelines for the use of this page below. Detailed instructions will be given at every page of the booking system.

Our airfield is located in the Verdon Nature Park and is limited to gliders and powered aircraft that are temporarily stationed. (See AIP / carte VAC)   It is therefore compulsory to book any participation in flight operations via the Internet on this portal before arrival. The CVVP (S.A.R.L) grants permission to participate in flight operations.

Motorized aircraft additional require the approval of the DGAC! Government flights and landings for operational, medical or technical reasons are exempt from the authorization requirement.



  It is mandatory that your FLARM is updated, OGN registered and       
  unmasked in advance of your registration to the flight operation.   
  If your glider is not registered in OGN, click here.
  The option "I do not want to be identified/tracked" is not to be

Please note the difference between your glider registration at "My Gliders" and at "Flight Operation". Your glider registration at "My Gliders" serves only as a registration of your glider in our database.
The registration of your glider at "Flight Operation" is required to know when you will bring your glider or assume the responsability for this glider at our airfield. This means that the registration of the glider at "Flight Operation" will be the information used for the invoicing of the aircraft.