New December 2023

Dear friend of Puimoisson aerodrome!

From the beginning of 2024, the European safety rules for aerodromes will also come into force in Provence;
in our area, the Alpes Haute Provence, these new rules will only apply to St Auban, Barcelonette, Sisteron and Puimoisson.
These are purely safety regulations for people and vehicles at the aerodrome.
These regulations do not affect flight operations but only the people and vehicles present at the aerodrome.

What will change?
For you as a guest almost nothing, practically everything was already prescribed in this way by various parties.
The only new thing is that there is now a personal ID card for access authorisation in addition to the car vignette and that the regulations have now been summarised and issued by the prefecture and that the CVVP must now report the personal data of those authorised to access the airport to the prefecture.
The CVVP has always been affected by the enforcement obligation and now also by the reporting obligation.
Due to the new requirements, our registration portal is now divided into two parts - one for flying guests,
These are pilots, flight students and passengers, and secondly for non-flying attendants who work independently at the aerodrome, for example as launch assistants.

Here is a brief, non-exhaustive overview of the most important points:
Everyone, including all non-flying escorts, who enters the aerodrome must be registered on the CVVP portal, read and accept the prefectoral decree and all other aerodrome rules in the valid French original (the translations are for information purposes only, with no legal reference).
This is a self-briefing for authorised persons.
After confirmation, you can print out your personal ID cards and car stickers yourself.
The CVVP automatically keeps lists of authorised persons in accordance with regulations and forwards these up-to-date lists with the personal data of authorised persons to the authorities in real time.
As the holder of an access authorisation, you may take other people onto the airfield with you, but you are responsible for those accompanying you.

Children under the age of 14 are only permitted at the airfield with a responsible authorised person; young people aged 14 and over can be authorised persons.
Dogs are only permitted at the aerodrome if they are travelling by air and are in a cage.

ID cards must be worn on the person but not visibly attached, driving licences must be clearly visible on the windscreen.
The supervisory authorities inspect our aerodrome several times a year and the penalties are severe.
The CVVP is also obliged to carry out checks, report offenders for endangering air traffic and remove them from the aerodrome.

In the event of repeated offences, we are threatened with fencing and barriers at the airfield as part of the individual risk assessment of our airfield - as is already the case at other airfields.

The CVVP will therefore do everything possible to enforce these regulations for its own protection. Persons without a briefing and without identification will not be allowed access. The aerodrome is divided into the
Airside runway, taxiways, car parks - access for authorised persons only - and landside (restaurant/barbecue, campsite, REME - the landside is also subject to CVVP regulations.)
Due to the lack of mechanical or spatial separation, camping guests and chalet residents, including those in the REME, must also be briefed and carry an ID card. .

In brief:
1) Every person entering the airfield and campsite needs a safety briefing (with us: self-briefing online in the CVVP portal) and an access badge (with us to print out yourself) before the first step onto the site.
The badge must be on the person, but does not have to be worn visibly. Cars must have the driving permit visible on the windscreen.

2) Every holder of such an ID card may take other persons who are in their immediate vicinity onto the premises, but is then liable for them.
Children under the age of 14 are only permitted if they are directly accompanied by an authorised person.

3) Persons over the age of 14 may become authorised persons.

4.) The stay at the airfield is only permitted if there is a reason for it.

5) Dogs or other animals are prohibited at the aerodrome, even if they are on a lead.
(Only permitted if the dog is on a flight and is in a dog crate / guide dogs are on a lead.

6) By registering with us, you agree that your personal data will be automatically forwarded to the authorities.

7) A personal safety briefing and manual printing of the vignettes is not possible due to the automatic lists we have to keep.

8) The system is as simple and time-saving as possible for everyone with the online advance briefing and self-printing in the registration portal.
Please use the system before the start of the season. An individual briefing of these safety regulations is not possible.

9) An example for clarification: the escort who provides launch assistance, drives the car away after take-off, etc. must be authorised to enter the airfield, the car must have a clearly visible driving permit attached to the windscreen!
Every person must be registered in the CVVP portal, be briefed and have the ID card with them / on their car in order to be authorised to enter / drive on the airfield!

10) Please scan your ID cards and save them on your mobile phone - this is helpful in the event of an inspection.
Thank you very much for your understanding and for your co-operation